PJ Rosa

I'm an inter-disciplinary designer currently working at Viacom doing web and digital design for VH1 and Logo.

Building digital products that are efficient, thoughtful and functional gives me the chills.

I recently graduated from Rutgers University with a major in Information Technology and Informatics and a minor in Computer Science. I've been designing since middle school when I got Macromedia Studio 8 and a tablet for my 13th birthday. I hope tiny me is proud of what I've done and can do now.

These days I fill the time by trying new creative endeavors like 3D modeling or music production. When I'm not doing that, I like to read, bike, game and watch anime. Not uh... at the same time.

I'm currently unavailable for freelance gigs, but if you wanna chat about anything, send me an email. 😊

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