MTV & VH1 Digital

Network - My Role(s): Digital Design, Animation, Web Design, Product Design

What we do

I belong to a small team designers and animators that work with our channels and the different teams within them to create content for digital spaces. During my time on the digital team, I've worked on an expansive list of projects ranging from social campaigns, to animation packages, to assisting on product sprints and building websites. Everything below is a peek into some of the work I've been a part of.


Social media and content design for our app platforms are central to the work I contribute. Every season of Love & Hip Hop or RuPaul's Drag Race, I'm tasked with translating the on-air design package on to our digital spaces. With the directions of my art directors, we regularly adapted show packages for all our digital touchpoints.


Events are another important aspect of our networks and the VMA's are the biggest we have to offer. For the 2019, I had to figure out how the VMA's were going to look on social media and other platforms while also keeping in line with the overall identity of the event. I had the privilege to work alongside with art director Casiel Kaplan and animator Florencia Massu to create content for all of our social outlets leading up to the 2019 VMAs.

The Breaks Interactive Map

Worked with Ryan Williams to develop and design an interactive map for our editorial team. They sought to extend the engagement beyond the show for fans to learn more about the history behind the scenes of The Breaks.

WORK — ViacomCBS Creatives Exhibit

A work-in-progross showcase of work from ViacomCBS employees challenged to create around the concept of the day, date, and time of their birth. I volunteered and spearheaded an initiative to design and develop a site to help legitimize this first-time event. This way participants and patrons can refer back to the work showcase post-show.